Behind the scenes

The #1 and #2 bands practise on a Monday evening  (7pm - 9pm) and our learners' group #3 band (5.30pm - 7pm) at the Vineyard Public School, which is on the corner of Windsor Rd and Bandon Rd Vineyard, New South Wales. The #1 band also practise occasionally on a Tuesday evening at the St Ives Showground and on Thursdays in Blacktown.

The band is led by Pipe Major Barry Gray and Drum Sergeant Michael Smith. We have three competing bands which compete in Grade 3, Grade 4A and Grade 4B and a Novice Juvenile Band made up from members of our graded bands. Our #3, G4B band is where our learner players gain experience whilst awaiting to become members of our G4A band. We participate in parades, public performances, corporate events, functions and concerts as well as competitions.

People of all ages and from widely varied backgrounds are becoming more and more interested in learning to play bagpipes and drums. With the assistance of the www.sydneyschoolofpipinganddrumming.com.au  the band has set up a professional teaching programme for students wishing to learn an instrument and the opportunity to eventually become a playing member of the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band.

We are always interested in increasing our membership and are also keen to attract experienced players who would like to be part of a progressive band committed to improving at each and every practice, performance and competition.

Our membership ranges from 8 years to 80 years.

If you would like information on learning the pipes or drums or joining the band as an experienced player, contact the band Pipe Major at pmbarrygray@gmail.com

"Ludere Sine Timore"