The bands business affairs are run by an elected group of playing members and supporters, known as the Business Management Team (BMT)

It meets regularly and is in frequent contact via email to ensure that the goals set by the player's are meet finically and socially.

It administers money derived from Sponsorship, band fee's and fund raising, over a myriad different band obligations from:

Uniform purchases.

Instrument purchases.

Band promotion.

Financing of teaching programmes.

Educational exchange programmes with band such as Manuwatu #2 NZ.

Band contributions toward local and international travel.

It is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the bands business running with the exception of music.

It schedules engagements, that the band runs which has included the PBANSW Branch State Mini Bands Championships as well as the Governor Macquarie Memorial Solo and Quintets contest. as well as fund raising events. With recommendations from the Music Committee it enters chosen competitions and allocates funding for same.

It oversees all aspects of tours undertaken for competition and performance within the state, country and overseas.

The current members of the BMT are:

President & Pipe Major                Barry Gray.

Secretary                                       Kelli Kraczorwoski

Treasurer                                       Tracey Whitehill

Vice President                                Iain McLennan

Drum Sergeant                              Michael Smith

Quartermaster                               Michelle Smith

Committee Members:                    Riordan Drake 

                                                        Stephen Kerr 


Non Committee Appointments:

Google Drive Manager:                Barry Gray

Registration Secretary:                 VACANT              

Newsletter Editor & Publicty:      Heather Martin

Facebook & Social Media:            Mike Allen

The musical aspects of the band are taken care of by various members associated over our 3 bands system.  This includes selecting the tunes and scores to meet each bands "goals" for the upcoming period, be it competitive, performance or show based.

The current members of our Music Committee are:

Pipe Major                 Barry Gray

Pipe Sergeant            Hugh Rowan

Pipe Corporals:         Lachlan Wiggins

                                   Riordan Drake

#2 Piping Rep:           Ken McCurrach

#3 Piping Rep:           Iain McLennan

Drum Sergeant:         Michael Smith

Lead Tenor:                Micheal Smith

                  Successful bands are ones that spread the                                                 work load over many capable people!                                                              We believe in the saying                                                                  "many hands make for light work"


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PO Box 323, Windsor NSW Australia 2756

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