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Riordan Drake

Pipe Corporal

Riordan commenced learning with the band through the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming programme in 2009.

He became a member of the #1 band in 2014.

 He has been a guest player with the G2 Manawatu in NZ in 2014 as part of the bands annual exchange programme.

He also guested with the Lion City Pipe Band , Singapore at a contest in Kuala Lumpur in 2018.

He is a Manager at Big W Retail store in Katoomba, NSW

      Riordan plays a set of Shepherd Bagpipes which he won at the pre worlds Boghall & Bathgate concert in 2012.


Frazer Bolton



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James Dey


James joined the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band in 2015. He commenced learning at the Knox Grammar School in 2012 and started lessons with the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming in 2013.

     James was only with the band a few months before taking a gap year and working at a  school in Manchester, England.

When he returned from his gap year, he had a other three months with the band before leaving on a 10 month trip doing Quest Africa Mens Core 2017.  You can see what James "got up to"  here: https://youtu.be/tvvzKnd-8qA

           James returned to Australia in September 2017, and we are very pleased to have him back with the band.

In James's final year at Knox Grammar he was appointed Pipe Sergeant.

James plays a set of Wallace Bagpipes.

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Sean Grace


Sean commenced learning with the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming in 2008.

In 2009 he joined the Hawkesbury City Pipe Band.

He competed with the band in Scotland in 2010 (when just 8 years old) and again in 2012.

He attened the Scots College in Sydney where in his final year he was appointed Band Under Officer.  He travelled to and competed with Scots at the World Championships in Scotland in 2016.

​Sean plays a set of Wallace bagpipes.

He currently attends Queensland University of Technology and is studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Film, Screen and New Media.


Barry Gray

Pipe Major / President

Barry joined Hawkesbury City Pipe Band in 2008 as tutor.

He became Pipe Major of the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band in 2012.

Previously he was Pipe Major of the City of Blacktown Pipe Band from 1984- 2007 having joined the band in 1977, after leaving the Parramatta Police & Citizens Boys Club Pipe Band where he was a member from 1972 and Pipe Major from 1974.

He was Pipe Major of the Paramatta Police & Citizens Boys Club Pipe Band when they won the Australia Juvenile Championships in 1976 in Adelaide. Pipe Sergeant of the City of Blacktown Pipe Band when they won the G2 Australian Championships in Melbourne in 1982. And Pipe Major of the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band when they won the Australia  G4 Championships in Ballarat in 2014.

He was member of the world famous Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band in 1986 (under PM R.T.Shepherd) and in 1994 (under PM Davy Barnes). He took extensive lessons from Duncan Johnstone in 1986 and has been on the Australian Adjudication Panel since 1984.

He has been a guest players with NZ Police (2008) & Police Scotland Fife (2009) in Grade 1 and Manawatu Scottish Association NZ in G2 (2011).

He teaches extensively throughout Asia and runs workshops, tutorials and has done recitals in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. He was the tutor of the Malaysian Sikh Pipe Band when they toured Scotland in 2015 where the qualified for the 4B World finals. In 2019 this band returned to Scotland and won the Grade 4 World Championships.

       Barry is a fulltime bagpipe teacher and performer and with his wife Elizabeth they run Pipers of Distinction, The Sydney School of Piping & Drumming,  A Highland Wedding Kilt Hire and Berlsa Trading - Celtic Sales.

Barry plays either a fully mounted 1921 sterling silver set of Henry Stark bagpipes that were given to him by his original tutor and friend Chief Inspector Rod Parker (retired). Or a set 1903 Ivory and Silver Centre bagpipes made in Edinburgh that he purchased in 1984.


Harley Jackson


In 2013 Harley started to learn the chanter under tutor Fergus Barry-Corderoy at Hornsby RSL Pipe Band. Fergus was originally a pupil of Pipe Major Barry Gray, and Fergus played in the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band from 2012 - 2014.

By 2015 he was playing the pipes with the Hornsby RSL Pipe Band.

In 2016 Harley started taking lessons with the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming and joined HNV at 2016 National & State Championships.

Harley was a foundation member of the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band.

Harley plays the following musical instruments, Piano, Bagpipes, Clarinet. He has achieved a Grade 8 (AMEB) Certification in Piano and a Grade 6 Certification in Clarinet.  He has achieved a Grade 8 (AMEB) Certification in Piano and a Grade 6 Certification in Clarinet

Harley has also competed in archery at National and State Championships.

Furthermore, Harley also took part in the first season of the TV show Little Big Shots, where he rode a unicycle while playing bagpipes. 

In 2019 he travelled to Ireland to play in the Belfast Tattoo wiih the National Youth Band of Australia.

During 2020 Harley played in numerous International On Line Bagpipe competitions and has picked up numerous prizes.

Harley play's a set if bagpipes custom made Glenarley bagpipes made by his father Dale who also assists the band greatly tuning and makes varuious reeds for the band. 

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Tony Ma


Tony joined the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band in 2015 when they competed in Singapore.

He resides in Hong Kong and is another of our long distance programme members, along with his wife Makkie, who plays in the mid section.

He is the Pipe Major of the Oriental Pipes & Drums as well as the Officer in charge of the Civil Aid Service Pipe Band who won the G4 contest in Kuala Lumper in 2017.

Tony was instrumental in arranging a workshop in Hong Kong through the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming which saw some 16 students obtain the Australian Pipe Band College Preliminary certificate and 8 pipers awarded the Elementary Certificate.

Tony plays a set of Stuart Liddell MacRae Bagpipes.


Andrew McCormick




Ewan McFarland




Sally-Ann McFarland


Sally-Ann joined the Hawkesbury City Pipe Band at the rejuvenation period in 2008. 

Sally-Ann was born in Perth, Scotland and had previously played with; 

Morrison's Academy Pipe Band, Gleneagles Strathearn Pipe Band, Scottish Gas Caledonia Pipe Band, & Lothian & Borders Police Pipe Band before moving to Australia in 2000. Before joining HNV (now GMM) Sally played in the City of Blacktown Grade 1 band.

Sally-Ann's twins Ewan (a piper) and Shona (a Tenor drummer) have come through the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming programme and competed with our Juvenile and G4 band before becoming boarders at the Scots School Warwick, Qld. They both currently compete with our band as "guest players" when school commitments allow

Sally-Ann live in Narrabri, NSW some 6 hours out of Sydney. She is a stalwart member of our band it can be seen at nearly all contest and major performances that we are a part of.

Sally-Ann plays a set of Tweedie bagpipes.


Jonno McIntyre

Sound Man

Jonno joined the GMM Pipe Band in 2017.

Jonno has been the Pipe Tutor at Scotch College Adelaide since 2007. During this time he has successfully completed 4 overseas trips, and many interstate tours with the school while supporting the School's Community.

Jonno has played as a guest player with The Pipe Band Club G1, Federation University G3, University of Ballarat G2, Worcester Kiltie (MA, USA) G2 and The City of Whitehorse G1. 

Jonno plays a 2015 Silver and Ivory George Shepherd Temple


Lachlan Micati


Lachlan joined the Hawkesbury City Pipe Band in 2009.

He commenced learning with the Sydney School Piping & Drumming in 2004 and joined the the City of Blacktown Pipe Band some 6 months later. Lachlan was a member of the Grade 4 Pipe Band for a number of years.

He quickly rose through the Juvenile band and the Grade 4 band to become a member of the No.1 band in 2010 and Pipe Sergeant in 2011 - 2016.

In 2010 Lachlan travelled overseas with the Juvenile Band and played in numerous competitions as the Juvenile Pipe Major as well as also competing at the World Pipe Band Championships in Grade 4 as the Pipe Sergeant.

Lachlan has taken the #1 Band out on numerous occasions as acting Pipe Major and lead the band when it won the NSW States G3 Championship in 2015.

  Lachlan is also a regular performer for John Farnham around Australia working with Pipers of Distinction.

    Lachlan is a regular competitor in solo competition in B Grade solos and plays a set of David McPherson Bagpipes.

Lachlan is a serving Officer in the NSW Police Force. In November 2020 he has taken a posting in Bourke, NSW some 8 hours drive from Sydney but still continues to compete with the band.


Hugh Rowan

Pipe Sergeant

Hugh joined the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band in 2014.

  He has previously played in the:  City of Bankstown Pipe Band,   Sydney Thistle 1972- 76,       The St Mary's District Band Club 1976 - 1996,  City of Blacktown Pipe Band  2004- 2012, LCC Southern Cross 2012- 2014.

                       Hugh plays a set of 1910 Henderson's & a 1915's set on James Centre's made in Melbourne

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Arminder Singh


Arminder hails from Kuala Lumper, Malaysia.

He first played with the band Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band on the 2010 Scotland tour.

He is part of the bands long distance playing programme.

Arminder was the foundation Pipe Major of the Malaysian Pipe Band Club and led the band up until 2017.

Arminder plays a set of Shepherd bagpipes.


Fraser Smith

Piper / Committee Member

Fraser joined the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band in 2010.

He was born in NZ and apart from his father who was a piper received tuition from Pipe Major Sam Clothier of the Hamilton Caledonian Pipe Band. 

He has perviously been PM of the Hills District Pipe Band and has competed with the following G3 bands: City of Blacktown #2, Manawatu #2 and LCC Southern Cross.

Fraser is currently on the bands Business Management Team.

Fraser plays a set of full ivory 1900 MacDougalls


George Thompson


 George the Hawksberry Nepean Valley Pipe Band in early 2016


He commenced learning the Bagpipes at the young age of 9 with a social band The Riverstone/Schofields RSL Pipe Band. He then played in the competition bands for The City of Blacktown Pipe Band and the Illawarra Pipe Band

George's bagpipes are  Sinclair ( Circa 1970's ), African Blackwood with Caitlin Mounts.

Young Woman with Curly Hair

Hayley Whitehill


Hayley joined the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band in 2016.

She purchased a practice chanter and started learning from a book she had bought herself at the Aberdeen Highland Games.  After teaching herself the basics, she then took lessons with Caitlyn McInness in Armidale where hayley is from.

      Hayley then commenced lessons through the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming in mid 2016, just in time to join the HNVPB as a Juvenile and Grade 4 player for the Australian Nationals that year.

  Hayley is also an accomplished Flute player, having just completed Grade 4, and a Highland Dancer.

She is currently on scholarship at the Scots School Albury and travelled with the National Youth Pipe Band of Australia in 2019 to Ireland for the Belfast Tattoo.


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