Tom Bell

Snare Drummer

Tom, who never having played previously, started drumming  lessons learning the snare drum with the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band in 2016, he quickly progressed to be a performing band member within a few months.

 Tom is a founding member of the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band.

Tom was born in Belfast,Northern Ireland coming to Australia in 1986.

 He is an Electrical contractor and with his wife June own T&J Bell Electrical.

Jimmy Davidson

Snare Drummer

Jimmy started learning the snare drum with the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming at the St. Ives operations in 2018.

He joined GMM in Nov 2018 and d idhis first performance at the band Celtic Affair Concert at the Pioneer Theatre in Castle Hill.

Jimmy's brother Alex is a piper in GMM #2.

Eliza Rogers

Tenor Drummer

Eliza lives in Brisbane, Queensland.

She started playing the tenor drum in 2012, when she was 8 years old with the Queensland Police Juvenile  Pipes and Drums.

She joined GMM pipe band in 2020 just as an experience to travel to Singapore which was cancelled due to Covid - 19, but has continued on as a tenor player.

Eliza competes in B grade solos. 

Michelle Smith

Bass Drummer /Committee Member

Michelle joined the Hawkesbury City Pipe Band in 2008 at the time it was being rejuvenated.

She had previously been a member of the G4 band at the City of Blacktown Pipe Band and come the Hawkesbury City at the start of the rejuvenation period.

Michelle was a foundation member of the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band.

She was the Bass Drummer at the  2010, 2012 and 2017 World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow when the nand competed. As well as the Bass Drummer of the band that won the G4 Australian & South Pacific Championships in 2014.

Michelle's son Michael is the #1 band's Lead Tenor Drummer and the #2 bands Drum Sergeant.

Michael Smith

Drum Sergeant

Michael joined the Hawkesbury City Pipe Band in 2008.

He had previously been a member of the G4 band at the City of Blacktown Pipe Band and came the Hawkesbury City Pipe Band at the start of the rejuvenation period.

Michael has been our Sydney based Lead Tenor from 2008 - Present . He also plays the snare drummer and is often seen playing this instrument at engagements and concerts if required.

Michael played Bass for the juvenile band until 2013 and has taught Tenor, Bass and Snare drumming throughout the years.

Michael has been bandsmen of the year on several occasions and has been a past member of our business Management Team.

Michael enters Solo competitions regularly with winning results such as; State championships in Bass and Tenor Drumming and also was the Inaugural Australasian Young Tenor Drummer of the year in 2011and the 2017/18 Australia B Grade Tenor Drum Champion.

Michael is a fulltime drumming teacher specialising in Bass & Tenor, Kahone, Djembe and Sanre to a grade 4 level.

Michael spent from May 2019 - November 2019 in Scotland honing his skills and playing at the World Championships Solo's as the recipricant of the BBM scholarship award. He competed in Grade 2 with Manor Cunningham who came 7th and the Worlds with a 4th in drumming.

Blake Whitehill

Snare Drummer

Blake lives in Armidale NSW and joined the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band in November 2018, when he was aged 10 years.

     Playing his first contest with the band at the State Championships where the band gained      3rd place in Grade 4 in the selection of Marches.

Blake's tutor in Steve Rogers from Tamworth.

Blake's sister Hayley also plays in the #2 band pipe corps.


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