Fran Colridge


Fran  joined the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band in 2012, after taking lessons with the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming since 2010.

She started piping as a self taught piper 20 years ago, playing with the Bundaberg Caledonian Pipe Band in Queensland. 

Fran is a foundation member of the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band.

She plays a set of stirling silver modern Henderson bagpipes.

Alex Davidson


Alex started learning the pipes with the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming at St Ives in February 2018.  Alex made great progress and was on pipes and playing his first concert performance with the band by October 2018.

Alex is an accomplished Cello player and plays with the Sydney Symphony Youth Orchestra.

In our 2020 concert Alex played Cello in the opening to the tune Farewell to Nigg.

Alex plays a set of Wallace Bagpipes

Ian Henry

Piper / Life Member

Ian joined the Windsor & District Scottish Pipe Band in 1992.

He grew up as a neighbour of Willie Wilkinson who was Pipe Major of Cullybackey Pipe Band in Northern Ireland. Ian says he  loved listening to him play
and resolved that one day he would  play the pipes.

He immigrated to Australia in 1966 with  ten pounds in his pocket and setup Vet Practice.

Ian was elected a life member in 2012 of which he says he is immensely proud of. And that life membership has been carried over in the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band of which Ian is a foundation member of. 


Ian plays a set of 1940 Lawrie Bagpipes. 

Stephen Kerr

Piper / Committee Member

       Stephen joined the Hawkesbury City Pipe Band in 2008  when the rejuvenation commenced, after a 6 year lay off from playing pipes.

 He originally started taking lessons with the  Sydney School of Piping & Drumming joined the City of Blacktown Pipe Band in 1994. 

He was a member of the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band  who wo Australian & South Pacific Grade 4 Championship in 2014.                                    

He also traveled to Scotland with the band in 2010 & 2012.

Steve is a foundation member of the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band.

Stephen plays a set of Wallace bagpipes.

Heather Martin


Heather Martin, lives at Mullaley in northern NSW, 5 hours drive from Sydney on a grain, oilseed and pulses farm. 

Heather has played on and off for many years, having had association with Nashdale Pipe Band at Orange, Lavington Pipe Band at Albury, Plains Pipes and Drums at Gunnedah, Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band and various country collaborations in the Central West and North West of NSW.

Heather is married to Xavier, they have 6 children, of whom Kate and Stuart played with Hawkesbury for a time in the drum corps.

Ken McCurrach

Piper / Life Member

Ken joined the Windsor & District Scottish Pipe Band in 1984 when he originally took lessons from PM Robert McLellan.

​His daughters, Fiona and Wendy, joined the band and they played together up until around 1992 when Ken moved overseas for work reasons.

On returning to Sydney in 1996 he played with Northern Suburbs for a couple of seasons including an Australian Championship in Adelaide.

​                             Ken returned to the Hawkesbury City Pipe Band  around 2006. He has been President of the band on two occasions, 1986- 1992 and 2008 - 2016. He has also been Pipe Sergeant at different times.

Ken is a retired Civil Engineer and prior to pipe bands represented Australia in Rugby, his other passion, enjoying a Wallaby tour in 1973.

Ken had been awarded Life membership of the Hawkesbury City Pipe Band of which has been carried over into the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band of which he was a foundation member.

​Ken plays a set of Robertson bagpipes made in the 1940’s.

Iain McLennan

Lead Piper / Vice President

Iain joined the Hawkesbury City Pipe Band in 2008.  He came in at the rejuvenation period and this was Iain's first competitive band.

Iain hails from NZ and initially took some lessons with his father when he was a boy, but after some 30 years away from the chanter become interested again when his daughter Jenevieve started lessons with the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming.

Iain’s father, Alex, received tuition from Pipe Major George Sanderson, at the Queen Victoria School of Piping in Dunblane, and later became a piper in the Gordon Highlanders.

Iain has been on the BMT since 2008, and is currently the bands Vice President.  He was also the Lead Piper of our #2 band from 2008 up until 2017.

                         He heads up our Monday night tutorial class for beginner pipers and does a "mean " address to the Haggis!

Iain is a foundation member of the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band.


Iain plays a 1950 set of Robertson bagpipes. 


He is NSW Retail Sales Representative for Tremco & Duram Pty Ltd

Poppy Middleton


Poppy started lessons with GMM in April 2019 when she was aged 7.

She also commenced extra lessons with Barry Gray at the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming. 

At the NSW State  Solo Championships in November 2019 she won the practice chanter event.

She soon progressed to a set of bagpipes playing a chanter with no drones and performed for the first time with GMM in late November 2019.

Even when COVID-19 hit and most people around the world became COVID casualties, Poppy had an optimistic view of not letting this get in her way of her piping goals. With a clear defined path between her tutor, her parents and herself she has gone on to obtain the following prizes:

Spring World online solo champions Practice Chanter:

3rd in the Slow Air and 4th in the 2/4 March with an 8th overall in the practice chanter events.

The Scottish "up to the line" solo competition:  

1st in the Slow Airand 1st in the 2/4 March. Declared as the overall Practice Chanter Champion.

By the end of May, 2020 Poppy was playing a full bagpipe with 3 drones and entered her first bagpipe contest gaining a 3rd place in the beginners slow air and a 3rd in the D grade March in the NSW Pipers Society Solo Contest.

She then entered the Summer World online championships and gained in the Grade 5 bagpipe contest:

2nd in the 6/8 March.3rd in the Piobaireachd (Ground Only). 6th in the Jig.

In the Shotts online contest she gained a 5th in the Under 15 Piobaireachd Ground.

All this achieved whilst she was only 8 years old. The band is looking forward to seeing Poppy's progress through solo playing and also our band organisation. She has already learnt several of the #1 band tunes and she has already had the opportunity to attend some #1 band practices.

Archie Pengilly


Archie commenced piping lessons with John Ralph in Tasmania.

His family moved to Tamworth and Archie went to the Armidale School. It is here he came into contact with Barry Gray who started giving lessons at the school

It wasn't long before Archie progressed to a set of pipes and he commenced playing with GMM in November 2019.

Linda Saunders


Linda joined the Hawkesbury City Pipe Band in 2008 at the rejuvination period.

She had commenced lessons with the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming some 12 months or so before that with Barry Gray.

     Linda was in the team that represented the band at the  2010 and 2012 World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow. As well as a member of the band that won the G4 Australian & South Pacific Championships in 2014.

  Linda was part of the BMT from 2008 -  2014 and was the bands Quarter Master for this period.

Linda is a foundation member of the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band.

Linda plays a  set of McCallum bagpipes  

Tony Scalan


Antony joined the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley Pipe Band in 2016.

Originally from West Lothian, Scotland with a lifelong Love of the pipes, Tony didn't start playing until ‘quite’ late in life, beginning learning with the Sydney School Piping & Drumming in 2014. 

Tony plays a 2000 Glen Alan set of bagpipes, Australian made to original 1932 Henderson specifications.

Gus Sevil


Gus commenced learning the pipes from his farther, Angus at the Tamworth Highland Pipe Band.

As a student at the Armidale School he come into contact with the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming when they started lessons at the school.

Gus started playing with GMM in November, 2020.

He has been a regular competitor in solo competition and has a number of prizes.

David Walker


David joined HNV in


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