Mike Allan


                     Mike commenced learning pipes with the                           Sydney School of Piping & Drumming in 2016 and joined the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band in April 2017.

Mike teaches Karate and is a physiotherapist.

Mike plays a set of Kilberry Bagpipes.

Jeremy Suggett


Jeremy originally took lessosn with as a teenager, but took a break from piping for some 25 years.  

He commenced lessons with Sydney School of Piping & Drumming since July 2020 and joined GMM in September 2020. .

Jeremy plays a set of ivory mounted 1940 Henderson bagpipes.

John McArthur



Matthew McArthur




Matt  plays a set of Wallace Bagpipes. 

Storm McMaster


   Storm commenced bagpipe lesson with the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming in March 2020..


Storm plays a set of bagpipes.

Ryan Cisera


Ryan started taking lessons with the Sydney School of Piping & drumming in 2019 and joined GMM in 2020.  of which he was a foundation member.

​Ryan plays a set of Wallace bagpipes..

Khoda Aoun


Khoda  joined the Sydney School of Piping & Drumming.


Khoda plays a set of Wallace bagpipes. 


Dan Cook


Dan 2018

Dan plays a  set of Wallace bagpipes  

Keirra Aoun



Keirra plays a set of Hardy Bagpipes.

Aaron Whybrow

Piper / Google Drive Master

Aaron commenced  lessons with the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band in 2016.

He done his first on Anzac Day 2018.

His first competition was with the the Grade 4 band at the State Championships in 2018 where the band placed 3rd in the selection of marches.

Aaron's son Sam is a snare drummer in the #2 band.


(+61) 0426 123 058

PO Box 323, Windsor NSW Australia 2756

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