Ruby Cisera

Snare Drummer 

Ruby started taking lessons  with the         Sydney School of Piping & Drumming in march 2020 and joined the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band in September 2020.

Mike plays a set of Kilberry Bagpipes.

Angus Kraczorwoski

Snare Drummer

Angus commenced drumming lessons with the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band in 2017.

He had his first performance at e Celtic Affair Concert aged 8 years old in Windsor in Oct 2018 and his first competition with the Juvenile band and then the Grade 4 band at the State Championships in 2018 where the band placewd 3rd in the selection of marches.

Angus's grandfather is foundation member, #2 band snare drummer Tom Bell.

Robyn Woodward

Snare Drummer

Robyn started taking lesosn with GMM in 2018.

Kirstin Smith

Tenor Drummer

Kristin started out coming to band practice with her daughter, Clair who was at the time learning the Bass Drum.

She then took on the very important role of Quarter Mastering 2017 and come onto the bands business management team. In 2019 -20 she was the band treasurer.

At the start of 2018 she took up tenor drumming and done her first performance with the band in April on Anzac Day 2018.

Kristin played in her first contest in November 2018 where the #2 band gained 3rd place in the State Championships in the Grade 4 selection of marches event.


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