A Creative Collaboration

The band has a "guest player programme" where we assist young players between the age of 18-31 years to come to Sydney for a year and play with the band.

Previous participants have come from the United Kingdom and New Zealand and includes players from Fife Police and New Zealand Police 

A few conditions apply but basically you need to be able to obtain a working holiday visa as you must find a job once you are here (as the band does not employ you) and in return we will refund your airfare paid back over the period of a year and provide you with the first month's free accomodation and meals  whilst you settle in and find a job.

For detailed information on this scheme contact the Guest Player Coordinator on info@gmmpb.com.au. Your application will be treated in the strictest confidence and we look forward to welcoming you into our programme.

          We are currently seeking 2 snare  line drummers for our Grade 3 band who would both assist with  teaching our  Grade 4 corp and learners' group.

          Each successful applicant would be required to attend  2 nights a week band practice, one playing with our  Grade 3 band and the other night assisting to teach  our large group of learner drummers.

A "YEAR DOWN UNDER" using your drumming skills to meet new people, see new places and travelling to a different country whilst being an active member of one of Australia's most progressive bands, is an opportunity you DON'T want to miss!.

For more information send a request for further information in confidence to: