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Life Members

The Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band recognises immense effort and dedication to the Band with the award of Life Membership. The Band currently has 3 Life Members.


Barry Gray
Life Member

Barry joined the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band in 2008, and entered the role of Pipe Major in 2010. He holds the Australian Pipe Band College Advanced Certificate, and has been the NSW Open Solo Piping Champion on numerous occasions.
In the past, Barry has been a director of the NSW Pipe Bands Assosciation, as well as Vice Principle of Piping and a Vice Chairman for the NSW Branch of the Australian Pipe Bands Assosication. He is currently the President of the NSW Pipe Bands Assosciation. 
Barry's contribution to GMMPB is extensive, both in music and management roles. He also, as Pipe Major, leads the band in performance. 


Michelle joined the Governor Macquarie Memorial Pipe Band in 2008, as a Bass Drummer. Her contributions throughout the years in various management roles and her caring nature have led to her nickname of "Band Mum".
She was awarded life membership in 2022. 
Over her tenure with GMMPB, Michelle has served as Secretary, Treasurer & Head of Fundraising. She is currently serving as Quartermaster.

Michelle Smith
Life Member


Ian Henry
Life Member

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